Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Around The Payload 10 - Blevins calls out Taimou

Welcome to Around the Payload, brought to you by High Noon Productions.  ATP is a faux game show where competitive OW community members discuss topics of the week all while Blevins arbitrarily gives them points! At the end of the show, only one winner can be crowned!

This week we welcome:

@MonkeyPrinceTMP- HNP staffer, factoid posting extrodanaire
@SLAMBOverwatch - Host of OWLNetwork @OWLNShow
@nickdorazio3rd - Game journalist and esports manager @InvenGlobal.
@MelOverwatch - Podcast co-host on @TheCavalryShowand @OWLRecap

Let us know what you thought as well as any constructive criticism over @highnoonpodcast, twitch.tv/highnoonpodcast and Discord.me/highnoonpodcast

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